Authentic Co-design

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- Your free copy of the Authentic Co-design Framework - your six-step guide to delivering a co-design process.

- Ongoing tips and tricks to support your work with, complex projects, community members and stakeholders.

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    The 90 page Authentic Co-design Manual and Course

    Who are we?

    Susan Carter of The Community Studio, Max Hardy of Max Hardy Consulting and Dr Anthony Boxshall of Science into Action invite you to join them in the Authentic Co-design Community of Interest.

    With over 60 years combined experience Max, Anthony and Susan are here to guide you and your organisation through the co-design process.

    What will you learn?

    You'll find that co-design is a process that works even if the situation is complex and seems impossible, even when the stakeholders are angry at you and each other!

    We'll guide you through:

    • Exactly what co-design is, and when you should and shouldn't use it.
    • The Five Principles of Authentic Co-design.
    • The common challenges you'll face, and how to mitigate them.
    • The six steps of an Authentic Co-design process.